Making Space for Emergence →

I really enjoyed this podcast with Michael Wood, Dom Fay, Peter Catt and Sue Wilton on the themes of listening, dialogue, emergence and Open Space Technology. Definitely worth a listen.

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Is Conversation Action? →


David Gurteen:

Conversation creates the conditions, in which actions and changes we would like to see in the world become possible.

Yes, conversation is action.

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Choosing Comfort →

Brené Brown, talking with Krista Tippett:

Yeah, make a note right now. He or she who chooses comfort — over courage and facilitating real conversations in towns and cities and synagogues and areas who need it; when you choose your own comfort over trying to bring people together, and you’re a leader, either a civic leader or a faith leader, your days of relevance are numbered.

This applies equally to leaders in organisations. A great quote from a fantastic interview.

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It's Time for an RSS Revival →


Brian Barrett, writing for Wired:

Still, the lasting appeal of RSS remains the parts that haven’t changed: the unfiltered view of the open web, and the chance to make your own decisions about what you find there.

Amen. RSS has always been a key part of my experience with the web. Hat tip to Stephen Downes for the find, not so coincidentally via my RSS feed.

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Unhurried Conversations →

Johnnie Moore, reflecting on four years of unhurried conversations:

There’s a lot more going on when we talk to each other than an exchange of information. There’s a dance of conversation, where we viscerally respond and reflect to each other. There’s more happening than any transcript could convey.

There’s some really insightful and useful stuff here. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this simple talking-piece process as a participant a couple of times and really enjoyed it.

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