Future-Proofing Organisations →

Mary Abraham is sharing her experiences of the KMWorld 2016 Conference. Her notes from Dave Snowden’s session on strategies for future-proofing your organization, are of particular interest.

As our world continues to change at a rapid pace and take unexpected turns, our organizations have to be prepared to deal with what’s coming next even if it is unanticipated.

There’s some real gems in here.

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Empathy Is a Bridge →


Seth Godin:

Gloating or silence closes the door. Empathy, on the other hand, and the action of speech, of moderation, of connection, can change everything. And if it hasn’t been present before, it can start right now.

Sage advice, as always.

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One Conversation at a Time →


Euan Semple:

I have often said that we are living through a social revolution rather than a technological one. That the internet is supporting change rather than driving it.

I couldn’t agree more and admire Euan’s optimism. Human communication and conversation are at the very center of change. As people talk and create meaning together, they sow the seeds for action.

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Ambiguity and Emergence →


Following on from Friday’s thread, here are some further thoughts on the topic of ambiguity by Sahana Chattopadhyay:

If we agree that ambiguity is the order of the day, it becomes clear why we need to listen deeply to remain relevant, to let emergence happen, and move towards creating a better world.

An impassioned argument that I agree with. Hierarchical organisations are ill-equipped to thrive in ambiguity and uncertainty.

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Ambiguous or Uncertain? →

Mackenzie Shults:

This world does not provide us with omnipresent decision-makers that have timely access to all relevant data points. This world, instead, provides us with imperfect and incomplete information, embedded in an system with conflicting preferences — your objectives, your organization, its environment, the wider world — where time scores high on the scarcity index.

An interesting article on the importance of naming ambiguity and uncertainty as part of decision-making processes in organisations.

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