About the Site

This is a blog that explores wiser ways of living and working together. It loosely covers the themes of organisational development, narrative, complexity, and facilitation.

Different posts are styled in different ways, to match their media type. I mostly use the link-blog format where the post titles link directly to an external site. These posts are illustrated by a right arrow →. The content of these posts offer commentary on the linked piece. If you’re looking for permanent links to posts, they’re illustrated by the infinity symbol ∞.

My intention is to curate a list of interesting links with brief commentary, along with an occasional personal post. Hopefully, this provides value and differentiation for readers. One of the other reasons I started this blog, was also to reflect on my own learning. I hope that this turns out to be valuable to others too.

About the Author

This site is written by Daryl Cook, an independent facilitator and Organisation Development practitioner. My work is influenced and informed by complexity theory and its application to the way organisations function. I use dialogic approaches to help groups make sense of complex situations to: reach better decisions; discover unique insights; learn from experiences; and to make the unheard heard.

Here’s where I’m at now—what I’m focused on, and what I’m not.

As a Human Geographer, I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between people and place. Thus, I believe the best way to find out more about me, is to understand where I’m from. I live in Melbourne with my wife Donna and two adult kids.