Collective leadership and flattened hierarchy →

This is a great listen: Samantha Slade on The Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast. It was recorded during Sam’s recent visit to Australia.

It’s bittersweet listening for me. I held a strong intention for some time to bring Sam and her work to Australia. And then, just before she arrived, I retreated into what she refers to in this podcast as “a real place of visceral safety” around money and took on a new contract.

It made me reflect on the last three years I spent experiencing this new way of co-creating and experimenting with a more conscious, collective way of being and working. I learned so much, yet clearly still have much more to learn.

I’m still strongly called to this work. But for now, I’m letting what came before compost, and listen patiently for the emergence of something new.

Vive la révolution!